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Venezuelan Pyichiatric Society World Federation for Mental Health Spanish Psychiatric Association Spanish Association for Biological Psychiatry Fundación Española de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental Latin American Psychiatric Association
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General Information

Letter of Invitation

The Organizing Committee will be delighted to issue a formal letter of invitation for participants.

This invitation is intended to facilitate raising funds and obtaining entry visa; it does not entail any financial commitment from the congress organizing committee towards the delegates.


Passport & Visa

Visa to Venezuela is easily and directly issued in Venezuelan embassies and consular offices in all countries over the world. Please, do not hesitate to contact your local office.

The Organizing Committee will send a letter of invitation upon request to facilitate travel and visa.



Participants are advised to provide their own personal insurance. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any damage.



The Venezuelan bolívar (ISO currency code: VEB; locally abbreviated as "Bs") is the currency of Venezuela.

Coins worth 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 bolívares are in circulation. The banknote denominations currently in circulation are 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 bolívares.

Currency Official Conversion / November 2005:
1 US Dollar = 2.150 Venezuelan Bolivar

Venezuelan Bolívares and American Dollars are accepted at regular stores and restaurants. Certain foreign currencies and credit cards may be accepted at a limited number of hotels, restaurants and souvenirs shops. Foreign currency can be exchanged at foreign exchange banks and other authorized money changes upon presentation of a passport.



The average temperature in March is 21-38 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Light wear is suitable.



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