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Invitation from the President of the Zonal Meeting

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am delighted to extend to you a warm invitation to participate actively in WPA Zonal Meeting for Northern South America (Zone Four) in collaboration with APAL on March 23-25, 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela. Under the general theme “Working Together towards a Consensus on Mental Health” a substantial scientific program has been prepared aimed at discussing key therapeutic and health promotion issues.

One of the special topics will be the “Latin American Guide for Psychiatric Diagnosis (GLADP)”, recently published by APAL. This pioneering effort places the person of the patient at the center of clinical care, and contextualizes it culturally.

In addition to its scientific and social value, this Zonal Meeting will advance key organizational issues and will serve as bridge to attend next the WPA Regional Meeting in Havana, Cuba, at the end of March 2006.

With the hope of greeting you personally soon.

Cordially yours,

Prof. Juan Enrique Mezzich

President of the World Psychiatric Association
President of the WPA Zonal Meeting

Invitation from the President of APAL

La -Reunión Regional de la Asociación Mundial de Psiquiatría-Zona 4 y la Asociación Psiquiátrica de América Latina (APAL), “Trabajando juntos para un consenso en salud mental”, a realizarse en Caracas del 23 al 25 de marzo del 2006, constituirá un espacio privilegiado para reunir a trabajadores de la Salud Mental de diferentes latitudes del Mundo.

En este evento, la APAL profundizará sus vínculos con las Sociedades participantes y especialmente con la Sociedad Española de Psiquiatría, la Sociedad Española de Psiquiatría Biológica y la Fundación Española de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental, dentro del acuerdo marco de colaboración de nuestras Sociedades.

En ese marco de colaboración, será una excelente oportunidad para el intercambio de trabajos, experiencias y actividades conjuntas, que redundarán en beneficio de la formación de los trabajadores de la Salud Mental y de la atención a la población de América Latina.

Por otra parte, los psiquiatras jóvenes, tendràn un programa especial de formación, marcando una vez mas, el interés de nuestras Sociedades científicas, en estimular la participación de las nuevas generaciones de profesionales.

Un programa científico ambicioso ha sido establecido, por lo que invitamos a nuestros Psiquiatras a participar en esta Reunión Regional y a continuar Trabajando juntos para un consenso en Salud Mental


Dr Angel Valmaggia
Presidente de APAL


Invitation from the Presidents of Organizing Committee

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the WPA Zonal Meeting and APAL Regional Meeting:
“Working together towards a Consensus on Mental Health “

That will be held in Caracas, our beautiful city.

This Meeting was initially organized in order to link knowledge, experience and researches with our colleagues from different countries and cultures looking forward to find routes for the Mental Health Consensus on the current practice.

Certainly this exchange will allow us, to share not only knowledge but also training programs, therapeutic skills, practice and understanding among others.

We hope every psychiatrist or people involved on mental health will enjoy attending this great occasion.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Caracas - Venezuela,
Join us on March 2006!

Prof. Edgard Belfort
President of the Organizing Committee
WPA, Zone 4 Representative
APAL, Administrative Secretary
WFMH, Director

It is, indeed, a pleasure for me, in my capacity of Co-President of the Organizing Committee of the WPA Zone 4 Zonal Meeting “Working Together Towards A Consensus on Mental Health”, to invite you to attend and participate in this unique event which is very relevant not only for Latin America but worldwide as well.

The Latin American Psychiatric Association (APAL), the Venezuelan Psychiatric Association, the Spanish Psychiatric Association, the Spanish Association for Biological Psychiatry, the Spanish Foundation of Psychiatry and Mental Health, and the World Psychiatric Association are sponsoring this extraordinary reunion being held in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 23-25, 2006. This event is an act of hope and good will on behalf of the mentally ill patients throughout Latin America. It has been a pleasure for me, as President Elect of the American Psychiatric Association, to have participated in the planning of this outstanding WPA Zonal Reunion for Latin America.

Prof. Pedro Ruiz, M.D.
WPA Secretary for Meetings
APA President Elect


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